Meet The Founder

Meet the Founder

Miriam Antolik is a mother of five, three of whom have had the opportunity of attending the private school of their choice in Arizona because of the benefits of the Arizona Tax credit program. With no contingency plan in place at the time of her husband’s sudden death in 2010, Miriam decided her younger children needed to stay at the school they had been attending during the prior year to provide them with stability, familiar faces, friends, and teachers, as they were facing many challenges and adjustments.

The Arizona Tuition Tax Credit program enabled Miriam’s friends and many others to allocate a portion of their state income tax liabilities, which they would be required to pay anyhow and recommend her children as the recipients. This allowed her children to continue at the school of choice which best met their educational, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Miriam is no stranger to the power of community support. She chaired the largest annual fundraiser for her children’s private school for seven consecutive years, with over a 74% increase in revenue, working with both corporate donors and vendors, as well as volunteers, to make each annual event a success.

Since 2011 Miriam has successfully assisted dozens of families to enroll and/or to keep their children attending private schools of their choice by utilizing the Arizona Tuition Tax Credit program to offset tuition costs.

In 2017, Miriam co-founded a School Tuition Organization (STO) which successfully provided scholarships to over 200 students. Today she continues taking her mission to a higher level in a newly founded STO, called STO4KIDZ, by reaching out to both individuals and corporations who are given the opportunity to redirect their state tax liabilities towards education. STO4KIDZ, utilizes these tax contributions to provide scholarships for qualifying students attending qualified private schools in Arizona. This enables families to send their children to their schools of choice which best meet the needs of each individual child.

We sincerely welcome your support and participation in this most worthwhile program at no out of pocket cost to you or your corporation.