Scholarships for Brooke & Ella!


Hello friends & family!

The Schreiner girls are growing up!  Brooke and Ella are in High School together at Xavier College Prep –  Brooke is a Senior and Ella is a freshman!  It is such a blessing to have them together on one campus for one year before Brooke is off to college!


You may know, Xavier is a private all-girls high school, and tuition is paid for by the family of the student. In search of ways to lower tuition, I learned about the Arizona Tuition Tax Credit program at no out-of-pocket cost to participants.


You get 100% of it back as a credit; your Arizona tax liability is a reduced dollar–for–dollar when you contribute to a school tuition organization (STO). We have chosen to work with STO4KIDZ.ORG that utilizes these contributions to award scholarships on monthly basis to help families lower their kid's tuition. I am also a donor to STO4KIDZ!  I too allocated my taxes to the tuition of the girl's friends to help other families meet their educational goals for their kids, especially with current world challenges with COVID and quality education becoming at risk.


In the challenges of the current times, it is more important than ever to embrace quality education for our children and is also a consistent challenge.  Your redirected tax contribution will have a huge impact on my ability to continue sending Brooke & Ella to this great school. I am reaching out to you because you are a valuable friend and colleague and you have seen Brooke & Ella as they have grown, and are likely well aware of the passion and drive they embrace to continue to thrive in their education and prepare themselves for their next adventure in college at a renown college prep high school.


I also believe it is important to be aware this program does not take funds from the state public school fund. In fact, tax-credit scholarships are budget positive, not negative.


I truly appreciate your consideration to utilize this amazing program and support my decision to keep them at a high school they are thriving in every capacity in preparation for college.  Please contact me or STO4KIDZ if you have any questions.


Thank you so much,

Leslie Cox Schreiner & on behalf of Brooke and Ella.  /  602.524.4185