Scholarship for Mackensi Meluskey!

Meluskey, Mackensi-SCA-3--

Dear Family and Friends,


My name is Mackensi Meluskey and I am an incoming senior in the class of 2021.  I attended West Valley High school in Yakima, WA, and played for the West Valley Varsity Volleyball team as a starting outside hitter for the first 3 years of high school and was even a part of the State 4A Championship Team in 2018.  My goal and dream are to play collegiate volleyball and to pursue a higher education while doing so.   Unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, my high school volleyball program has been delayed until at least the spring of 2021.


In order to be able to continue training and playing volleyball, I have been blessed with the unique opportunity to attend Scottsdale Christian Academy in Scottsdale A Arizona.  I will be living with a family friend while attending high school and play on their volleyball team.  Since my senior year is so important regarding the recruiting process for a collegiate level position, I am excited to have this opportunity despite having to move away from my family and friends.


In search of how to afford private school tuition, we have learned about the Arizona Tuition Tax Credit program, which allows taxpayers to redirect a portion of their state income tax liabilities towards education at no-out-of-pocket cost to them and receive 100% of it back as a credit, participants, Arizona tax liability will be reduced dollar-for-dollar when contributing to the Scholarship organization that turns tax dollars into scholarship. my parents have chosen School tuition Organization 4 Kidz (STO4KIDZ.ORG). Please watch a short video at the end of this page


Please consider supporting me! 

* If you live in Arizona the cost to you is ZERO, but the benefit to my family is priceless!  Everyone really does win!  You can take the tax credit even if you plan to file for an extension, as long as you contribute through April 15, 2021.   The Arizona 2020 Tax Credit Maximums is $2,365 if married filing jointly/ & $1,183 if filing single, or your actual tax liability, whichever is less.  You can contribute online here through April 15, 2021, or print and fill out the form here and mail it in with a check.


* If you are a Non-Arizona residence you can make a charitable donation online or print the donation form here and mail it with your check. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible because STO4KIDZ is a 501(c)3, non-profit charitable organization.


Please take a moment and watch a very short video below about this program and email or call 602.698.8855 STO4KIDZ with any questions.

I am most grateful for your consideration and support.

Mackensi Meluskey