Scholarship for Charlie Wolfson!

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Hello friends,


We are excited that Charlie will be attending the Jones Gordan school. (JGS) this coming Fall.  JGS is a private school in Paradise Valley, which is tailored to meet the needs of kids like Charlie with learning differences and attention issues. We are thrilled to have found a nurturing and innovative school that can provide personalized education and cultivate her strengths including her spunky personality, interest in history, and love of sports.


Along this line, we learned about the 5 different Dollar-for-Dollar tax credits available in Arizona, that taxpayers can redirect income tax liabilities back into their communities at no net cost to them. This isn't a donation, but taxes we all have to pay anyhow.


We appreciate it if you consider redirecting your Arizona taxes to help lower Charlie's tuition. You get 100% of it back as a credit; your Arizona tax liability is reduced dollar-for-dollar when you contribute to a school tuition organization like STO4KIDZ. This will have a huge impact on our ability to send our children to a great school! The net cost to you is ZERO, but the benefit to Charlie is PRICELESS! Everyone does win! Below is a short video explaining this amazing program & how it works...


You can contribute online (Here) through April 18, 2022, STO4KIDZ will email you a receipt for your taxes.


Please Note: If you're a non-Arizona resident and would like to make a charitable donation to help us lower our children’s tuition, you can donate here. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible as STO4KIDZ is a 501(c)3, non-profit charitable organization.


We are redirecting our taxes to help another student since the law prohibits us to direct to our own child.  So, we would love to invite you to take the credit for Charlie! Please feel free to contact us, or the STO4KIDZ team with any questions at 602.698.8855.


Thank you for your consideration,

Michael Wolfson and Dana Salzberg