2022 Corporate Tax Credit Statewide Cap:

$142,113,727 in Low-Income Category

$6,000,000 in Disabled/Displaced Category


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 At no net cost and a dollar-for-dollar tax credit, you can redirect up to 100% of our state tax liabilities to provide students with verified financial needs equal access to private K-12 education.

Arizona Corporate Tax Credit Program  (A.R.S. 43-1183 & A.R.S. 43-1184)

There is a clear and strong correlation between the educational attainment of a workforce and their median wages. Better education and training fuel innovation, investment, and economic diversification. Providing expanded access to high-quality education will not only expand economic opportunities but also likely do more to strengthen the overall economy than anything else. By making this investment, you ensure a robust workforce that has the ability to help your business flourish and grow well into the future by redirecting your tax dollars back into your community.

Eligible Arizona Businesses:

  • C-Corps
  • S-Corps & LLCs that file as an S-Corp
  • Insurance Companies that pay premium taxes in Arizona

Corporate Tax Credit Scholarship Programs:

  • Low-Income Corporate Tax Credit Program, enacted in 2006
  • Disabled/Displaced Corporate Tax Credit Program, enacted in 2009

Why Allocate Your Corporate Tax Dollars to STO4KIDZ?

  • No out-of-pocket-cost to you or your corporation
  • Can allocate up to 100% of your corporate state income tax liabilities
  • Receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit
  • Immediate reduction in your corporate income taxes.
  • You benefit and aid K-12 students and schools in Arizona.
  • Boost your community image as a corporate “good citizen.”
  • STO4KIDZ encourages our partner schools and our applicant families to patronize the businesses that support this scholarship program.
  • STO4KIDZ awards a minimum 90% of every dollar in scholarships to eligible Arizona private school students in the same taxable year.
  • You may also qualify to claim your redirected tax contribution on your federal taxes as a donation to STO4KIDZ, a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization. (Please consult your tax advisor for your eligibility)

How to Proceed & Timelines

Part I:

  1. Determine your business tax liability for the current year.
  2. Complete and submit your non-binding application (online or printable) by or before June 30, 2022

Part II:

  1. STO4KIDZ will prepare and submit your application to the Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) for approval.
  2. The same day ADOR notifies us of your approval, we will contact you with detailed information.
  3. You will then have 20 days to fund STO4KIDZ to preserve your tax credit for the fiscal year.
  4. Once STO4KIDZ receives your contribution funds ADOR will be notified and STO4KIDZ provide your company a receipt to claim your tax credit.
  5. When filing the company’s taxes, you will take the corporate income tax credit on the Standard 120 Form and file a 335 Form, listing the credit amount.
  6. STO4KIDZ awards tuition scholarships to qualifying students.

  Please contact Miriam Antolik with any questions at  602.698.8855  

Non-Binding Pledge Form: